This research project is a collaboration between the Nevada State Health Division, Bureau of Health Protection Services (BHPS) and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). The study will assess the vulnerability of Lake Mead to contamination from various sources of surface water runoff in the Las Vegas Valley. Specifically, this work identifies the potential sources of contamination in the Las Vegas Valley that could eventually flow into Lake Mead and the Colorado River. GIS data from Clark County GISMO will be utilized along with field verification to identify the sources.

This research is supported by the State of Nevada and the University and Community College System of Nevada (UCCSN) through the Applied Research Initiative (ARI). The research project started in May 2000 and will continue through September 2003.

Las Vegas Valley Drain System: The yellow facilities shows the already constructed facilities and the facilities to be built within the next 10 years. The source Water Protection Zones should be delineated from these facilities.